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Water is the "Key"

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

For those who hear...

The answer to everything affecting our human body (vibration), mind (frequency) and spirit (energy) connection. Every thing THEY are doing to YOU. Spraying YOU with, YOU are injesting, YOU are drinking, YOU are breathing, that is allowing THEM (yes THEM - and I have had discussions on who Eye feel THEM to be. I invite you to watch - to retain as much hold over the human race and everything on the planet... as THEY have at the moment...

The mass control over all of this... in the WATER...

Please do not scroll away. Please connect the dots.

θ Above our Planet - THEY are spraying the clouds. Clouds rain. Clouds are WATER. Please research it.

θ On our Planet - Food, plants, animals, insects, microbes, bacteria, air we breathe at mouth level, people, crops, soil, ingredients, drinking water, factories, building materials (how do you mix concrete or stucco?), and more... Please research it.

θ Around our planet - Mountains, deserts, plains, forests, jungles, poles, hills, cities, farms, countries, ponds, creeks, streams, rivers, lakes, oceans. THEY are spraying over our oceans 1000 times more than they are spraying over land... Please research it.

θ In our Planet - All the poisons THEY put in OUR water and WE put in OUR sewage and waterways and dumping grounds and oceans and... and... and... it ALL seeps into OUR planet's water system. Please research it.

Every drop of water YOU have ever heard of, seen, touched, felt, tasted, drank, bathed in, washed your clothes in, did your business in, played in, meditated in, found your true self in, relaxed in, above, on, around or in our planet Earth has been here since the beginning of OUR planet 🌎.

Researchers state...

YOU (your DNA) have been here since the beginning of our planet

YOU are mostly water

And water is programmable... Please Research it.

It is my understanding of the information Eye am relaying that THEY have been manipulating this fact of our physical and energetic structure for longer than most are aware. That THEY are utilizing the water above, on, around and IN US to impose a certain amount of programming since (possibly before) the time of magic and miracles on our planet. That it began and is still to this day being done to US without OUR permission and most of OUR knowledge. Eye say most because some are aware. I am just loud and Eye connect dots and add up numbers.

That this is being done to Not only our human race but the countless, yet severely dwindling, species of animal, insects, sea life, plants, microbes, bacteria and ALL intelligent and sentient life above, on, around and in our planet Earth.

Eye am still following my own path of research to come to a conclusion that adds up whether or not the ones who assisted us with knowledge had this intention or something went astray when most (if not all - jury is still out on that as well) left here long ago.

Eye understand now through the years of meditation, flower of life, reaeqching 369 theory and fact, connecting the dots (commonality between all things), math, math, and more math, researching theories and facts that already exist in the scientific community today and throughout history as well as futuristic theories of quantum drives and futuristic worlds to name two, connecting more dots, more meditation, more math, gathering more information, seeing and gauging trends, gathering and crunching statistics, looking at everything through a "need to see it to believe it" mindset, and of course, more math.

My findings bring me to the conclusion that when you look into the water molecule of everything listed above, animals, plants, soil, etc. you will find a common particle or substance or a commonality something (NOT just fluoride fam...much smaller and way trickier) that will be hiding (Mimicing something) in plain sight.

My findings have led me to understand that this "thing" has alchemic properties meaning it combines, for lack of a better term, arcane (reality warping - magic - imagination - our inherent human ability of being the observer which technically is science "Quantum physics" but humans have know this as magic for so long...) and science fact (that which must adhere to the 12 laws of this physical universe). Meaning, as much as I hate to say it... They also know what we know fam... Sorry to break the news and they have been at it way longer than us in this current incarnation of you... physical form.

Once THIS "thing" that is acting like another thing (created, upgraded, upgraded, upgraded throughout the many millennium), is found (use Mathemalchemy), isolated, studied, unlocked (location and understanding of its frequency - which is my understanding, based on my own research, why Rife was stopped... Not because he found cancer curing sound but that his curious mind would lead him to the same conclusion and he would discover thisnas well)... and when the correct harmony of frequency (which Eye have spoken of numerous times) is applied...

It will eradicate the unnatural element posing as another one (Eye keep seeing the Icosahedron in the Flower of Life) in the water which makes up 60% of our body, 73% of our brain and heart, 84% of our lungs.

Thereby freeing our body, mind and spirit to reconnect to well... YOU

Currently, although I do not have the equipment necessary to gather or test DNA from the variety of sources listed above, nor the equipment and human assistance required to validate the information Eye am relaying, it is my HOPE that someone will read this and get it to correct person. We (our team) are currently working on avenues for our own funding which will take time.

If you know of anyone who would have the resources to make this happen sooner, Eye would be more than happy to share all of the information I have gathered and Eye have connected.

Water is not only life my family. It is the key to our evolution.

Eye HOPE you heard...

Brother HOPE


P.s. for those of you who read all the way through, there was a reason I was capitalizing YOU THEM US OUR. When we get to a certain point in evolution or even a sense of family on this planet, which Eye know will happen should someone, anyone take this and run with it (or the ARC), we will finally come to the the realization there is no... Them and Us... but only


Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

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