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~ Health & Wellness Area ~

"Come To Life"

This immense spanse of over 15 acres of land has been utilized as our Health & Wellness Center of HOPE. With buildings designed in Sacred Geometry and with Healing of our Body, Mind and Spirit as the Number ONE vision in mind.


It is here that all who visit or live at Project HOPE can find resources for healing. Covering everything from Physical wellness (alternative treatment methods to physical therapy and new technological advances in holistic medicines) to the well being of one’s mind (certified counseling for individuals and/or families covering every known requirement for seniors, adults, special needs and children) to the reconnection of your Spirit Self (classes and training in every known and many new “mystery subjects” such as chakras, crystals, sound healing, light healing, reiki, yoga, eastern methods as well as newly “remembered methods” of conscious awakening.

"Heal Yourself To Heal The World"

At Project HOPE, we don’t only believe in Healing through talking but Healing through Action. Many of the programs we will implement on the property to assist others in their healing journey will be “hands on therapy”. How many times have you heard the phrase “I found myself in my garden”?

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