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WEEK ZERO - 0 - The Beginning

Please read all of the information below for an overview of what will be covered in this 9-Week Chakra "Re-Program" course.

This is your week for Preparation for the most intense transformation of your life.



Probably one of the most powerful numbers in creation. The significance of this number can be felt thoughout the entire universe. It represents the first moment of creation, the Alpha. It represents the last moment, the Omega. It is the beginning and the end. Signifies Infinity.

It is representative of the very first Sphere of Creation shown in the Flower of Life (the oldest known drawing on our planet)  

It also represents the beginning of your journey to transformation. We call this Week Zero because this is where your adventure into self-discovery begins

This week is for preparation to get everything ready that you will need for your journey through the next 9 weeks of chakra "re-programming"

This is also where you will find your instructions on how to proceed through each day of each week.


  • Share your experiences

  • Ask Questions

  • Upload Pictures or Video of your Journey

  • Be a Part of the HOPEvolve Family

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Throughout the next 9 Weeks you are going to be transforming your entire life with very intense but easy to do activities. These will consist of the following:

Daily Affirmations (5 min): 

  • You will be saying these affirmations twice per day.

  • You will be saying these in a MIRROR to YOU.

  • You are talking to YOU. You are going to work on "re-programming" the way you see yourself and get rid of (clear away) all of the false programming you've been taught your whole life.

  • Beginning of your day: The first thing that you need to hear in the morning are the affirmations. This will set the tone for the day.

  • End of your day: The last thing you do before climbing into bed for sleep are the affirmations. This way it sets the tone for your subconscious mind while you're sleeping.


Daily Activities (10-30 min):

  • For each day of each week through the first 7 weeks there is a different activity per day.

    • 7 weeks x 7 days = 49 different activities

  • Each activity takes from 10-30 minutes to complete per day.

  • Each activity is specifically designed to work on areas that need clearing and balanced.

  • These activities are not easy to do as they will force you to go deep within yourself to the "REAL YOU" inside and bring Her/Him to the surface to.

    • Locate and Deal With issues from the past and present that need resolved

    • Clear away old paradigms and programming

    • Make way for the New Transformed You

Daily Audio meditations (15 min):

  • Each meditation is accompanied by relaxing music designed to access each chakra.

  • Each meditation is guided by one of our Spiritual Guides with a soothing and relaxing voice.

  • Each meditation contains the affirmations you have been saying to yourself morning and night.

  • This is to reinforce into your subconscious mind the transformation and "re-Program" your mind to KNOW the affirmations.


Journaling (time varies): (written, photo, video)

  • During your process it is vital for you to "see" and "record" your journey.

  • You need to be able to "see" the results of your transformation.


Get a Journal/Notebook - this will be used to write down your journey

  • During your days/weeks, write down your feelings, questions and thoughts.


Camera/Cell Phone - this will be used to take pictures of your progress

  • During your days/weeks, you are going to be taking many "selfies" to photograph your journey.

    • Be sure to empty or make room on your phone for the many pictures you will be taking.

    • We suggest that you periodically transfer these to your computer to keep space available.

  • Photographs are an excellent way of "gauging" energy and feelings. Through the process you will be absolutely amazed by how different you begin to look and feel in your pictures.


Video Camera/Cell Phone - this will be used to record short videos of your progress and daily musings

  • During your days/weeks, you are going to be recording many videos of yourself to video document your journey.

    • Be sure to empty or make room on your phone for the many videos you are going to be recording.

    • We suggest that you periodically transfer these to your computer to keep space available.

  • Videos are an excellent way of "gauging" your energy and recording your feelings and thoughts.

  • Videos are also an excellent way of "recording" and continuously verbalizing your intention. Every time a video is played recorded by you, the universal energy will "hear" your intention and feel your thoughts and you will TRANSFORM your Universe by this.

The SIX Senses (continuous):

Touch / Taste / Smell / Sight / Hearing / Thought

It is important for this Chakra "re-program" to be effective and to do that we are going to be flooding all of your senses constantly with the things that will help. Below is our recommendations on things to use for each and multiple senses.

Clothing / Jewelry (Touch/Sight/Thought)- making sure you "see" the color of the week at all times

  • Look in your wardrobe and see the colors of the clothing you have been wearing.

    • Are they all black or dark colors?

      • This could be why your chakras aren't flowing smoothly.

    • Are they dominated by mostly one color?

      • This could mean that you are getting an overload on that one chakra and why the other chakras are out of balance.

  • Although by the time we are done, you will have a more balanced inner energetic being, for the next 7 weeks, we recommend saturating your view with the color of the week, daily.

  • The goal of this Chakra "Re-Programming" is to break through the blockages of that chakra, to clean it out and to balance it with all others.

  • Colors have frequency and and are a powerful way of visualization.

  • The more you "see" the color of the week, the more you will "focus" on that certain chakra

    • Root = RED

    • Sacral = ORANGE

    • Solar Plexus = YELLOW

    • Heart = GREEN & PINK

    • Throat = BLUE

    • Third-eye = INDIGO (Blurple)

    • Crown = PURPLE / VIOLET (pinkish purple) / WHITE / CLEAR

  • We know that a new wardrobe could be costly and we're not recommending your go out and break the bank buying all new clothes or jewelry of each color

  • We are recommending that you get some kind of article of clothing or a piece of jewely or a pin to wear with you at all times. 

  • Cloth wristbands (if you can't afford shirts, etc.) are a great way of keeping the color on you at all times and having it in your vision.

  • Also, the closer the color is to the Chakra Energy Center on your body, the better it will saturate that chakra with the frequency of the color.

    • Root/Sacral

      • Underwear / Panties / Pants / Shorts / Dress / Skirt / Shirt / Blouse

    • Solar Plexus / Heart = Shirt/Blouse

    • Throat = Choker/Neclace/Shirt/Blouse

    • Third-eye = Hat/Shirt/Blouse

    • Crown = Hat/Shirt/Blouse

Crystals (Touch/Sight/Hearing/Thought) - keeping them with you each day

  • Crystals of different types and color radiate and project frequencies specific to each chakra.

  • There are so many articles and teachings on crystals it is impossible to list them here.

  • Crystals resonate with frequency that although our human hearing is unable to pick it up due to the ultra high frequency, our subconscious mind and inner ear can detect it and be affected by it.

  • It is important to Cleanse most crystals if you are going to be using them for this specific purpose

This is a Link to a FaceBook page (photo album) dedicated to teaching the basics on crystals, different types, what their used for as well as cleansing and charging methods for them.


This is a Link to a FaceBook page (photo album) dedicated to crystals and their meanings to help. It is accompanied by a photo of the crystal, which chakra it assists, the element and the metaphysical properties of each.


Below this is a PDF we have put together on Recommended Chakra Crystals for you to get to help you.

Crystals can be very expensive. You only need little ones for this journey. We do not recommend breaking your bank and running out to get all of the crystals you can.

Candles (Sight/Smell) - to assist with meditation and visual therapy

  • We recommend getting candles of all the different colors together.

  • These are very inexpensive and are a great way of visualization when you are meditating.

  • Candle magic is one of the most powerful types of energy working out there. 

  • The basis behind it is to "write" your intentions onto the candle (preferrably with a selenite pen as these are amplifiers of energy) and then burn the candle to release the intention to the universe.

  • These can also be purchased in the aroma of the chakra as well which greatly assist in the "sight" and "smell" senses

Food (Sight/Taste/Touch/Smell/Thought) - to assist with creating a healthy body (temple) for the energy to flow through

  • For the next 9 weeks you are going to be focusing on each chakra per week. 

  • To effectively utilize this "re-program" we recommend using certain foods associated with each of the seven chakras each week.

  • Please DO NOT eat a certain food if you have an allergy to it.

  • Please buy ORGANIC if you can afford it

  • Please stay away from GMO foods if you can avoid it



  • We all know that it is important for our bodies to be healthy.

  • Healthy doesn't mean skinny, it means healthy.

  • We all come in different shapes and sizes.

  • It is important for the energy to flow smooth, to have a healthy vessel (conduit) for the energy to flow through.

  • We recommend changing the way you eat (not going on a diet) to effectively give your energy a healthy avenue of smooth flow.

  • In spirituality it is known that to become whole one must have a healthy MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.

  • To have a healthy BODY is one of the most important things as we are all human beings made of this Earth and we reside within our BODY for this time.

  • We aren't saying to throw away all of the food you have now but to gradually institute healthier eating habits and by replacing some of the food (until it is all of the food) you eat with that which will make you healthy.

Below is a recommended list put together by HOPEvolve that lists out main foods to add to your daily regiment based on the chakra you are working on.

Essential Oils (Touch/Smell/Thought) - to assist with health and saturating your senses with holistic healing

  • The benefits of using essential oils in your chakra "re-program" are so extensive it is impossible to list them all here.

  • The main benefits are:

    • Relaxation

    • Health

    • Healing

    • Massage

    • Aroma Therapy

    • Meditation

    • Clear Thinking

    • Detoxification

  • We recommend going to a dealer or essential oils to learn of all the benefits they possess for your daily life.

  • We do not recommend breaking your bank as they can get expensive.

Below is a basic list we at HOPEvolve have put together to assist in knowing which essential oils go for which Chakra. 

This is in now way a complete list as there are too many to put in one document.

ADDITIONAL TOOL - Subliminal Vision Board

Another tool created by a dear friend and fellow healer is a truly "evolutionaly" App called the Subliminal Vision Board App that is available for your phone.

I highly recommend clicking this link and learning all about it. I use it myself and have only good things to say about it. Jennifer Casolary customized it to work along with this Chakra Course to give you an additional tool to help in your growth and full transformation.




Now that you have read the information above and have prepared yourself for the weeks to come, Please use the links provided to begin your JOURNEY TO SELF LOVE AND TRANSFORMATION.

We cannot wait until you see the end result and for you to once again...


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