Welcome to Third Eye Chakra Week


The sixth week in your transformation into having and being everything you've always known you had the potential for. 

Your Third Eye Chakra is located at your brow, between your eyes and is the location of your pineal gland within your brain. This is connected to your Divine Sight.

The Third Eye Chakra deals mainly with your ability of "seeing with Divine sight". When your Third Eye Chakra is imbalanced, blocked or clogged full of stagnant energy "not flowing smoothly", this is when suffer from the inability of seeing the truths of your life and within the universe. Imbalance can cause a lack of concentration, lack of vision, indecision, as well as being unable to see the big picture and can make you feel like your stuck in illusion. The goal here is to see past the illusion and see the world and your life for what they truly are. What you make of them.

Healthy, balanced and free flowing Third Eye Chakra energy will help you experience what is known as Divine Sight - the ability to see the reality of the world and universe around you. It will help you discern what is true and what is false. It aids in your connection with universal energy which can greatly increase your inherent psychic ability, your intuition, wisdom, as well as greatly assist with your insight.

This week is dedicated solely to accessing, clearing out and balancing this chakra. To do this is not easy but once you have done all of the activities as laid out on this page and have used the information you learned in Week Zero to successfully use this course, the result will be unmistakeable.


This page is dedicated to and contains all of the necessary items and activities to effectively open, clean and balance your Third Eye Chakra. 

As stated in Week Zero - Here is how it works as well as a typical daily layout (used by many) on what to do. And the best can do all of this in a total combined time of less than an hour a day. 

Suggested Daily Walkthrough:

Morning Affirmations (5 min)

  • Wake up, get out of bed and go directly to your mirror

  • Take a picture of yourself (before) - photo journal

  • Use the affirmations on this page

  • recommend printing them and put them around your house and next to your mirror

  • Speak the affirmations to YOU

  • Take a picture of yourself (after) - photo journal

Go on with your day

  • Go get your colored clothes, crystals and plan out your daily meal

  • Using the suggested chakra lists on Week Zero

  • Throughout the day, focus on your chakra - pay attention to all of the things you see throughout the day that are the color of this particular Chakra

Daily Activity (10-30 min)

  • Sometime during your day - complete activity as it is laid out on this page (1 activity per day) - record in journal/video

Daily Meditation (15 min)

  • Sometime during the evening - find a quiet area where you will be undisturbed and listen to the streaming audio meditation on this page

Bedtime Affirmations (5 min)

  • Just before you go to bed (last thing you do during the day), go to your mirror

  • Take a picture of yourself (before) - photo journal

  • Speak the affirmations to YOU

  • Take a picture of yourself (after) - photo journal

Go to bed...

We know that everyone's daily schedule is different so if you have to vary your schedule or activity throughout the day to best fit your routine, please do so as long as you make sure to do each of the activities above each day.

We know you will do amazing.

If you need to contact HOPEvolve during this week, please use the contact form below. We look forward to hearing from you

Third-Eye Chakra Affirmations



Third-Eye Chakra Daily Activity Guide

Guided Meditation Audio

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