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~ Helping Our Planet Evolve ~

HOPEvolve is the Mission of David Hopkins AND SO MANY OTHERS


OUR MISSION: HOPE - Being a Hero of Planet Earth, Helping Our Planet Evolve by Helping Other People Everywhere.

Although HOPEvolve was founded and created by David - this isn't something that belongs to any one person. This is a Movement. This is a Vision. This is a dream of a time when everyone in our world realizes Unconditional Love for themselves as well as everyone around them. This was created with one purpose in mind. Helping Our Planet Evolve. How does that happen?

By US evolving. We are connected to our planet. We are the children of our Mother Earth. Whatever happens to us, happens to our planet. Also, whatever happens to our planet, happens to us. So IT IS TIME! Time for us to work together to bring about a new world. A New World in LOVE. 

What does HOPE mean? I guess that would depend on what it means to you. To David, it means everything. It means opening your eyes in the morning. It means knowing there is a bright day ahead of you no matter what is thrown in your way as a challenge. HOPE keeps you moving forward until you can see that day when all of the moments you've spent in the darkness finally bring you out into the LIGHT.

The concept of HOPEvolve was conceived by David in 2015 by creating a very in-depth chakra course through Divine inspiration. It quickly grew from something he was helping people individually with to a full 9-week chakra course.

This website was created and launched on 08/01/2016 - a very powerful day in sacred math and also the 20 year anniversary of when David Hopkins made the decision to stop abusing drugs. But that was just the beginning. 

Since then it has Evolved into what it is today. A website filled with information, videos, links, blogs, partnerships and other people who are also on the same journey and mission of helping our Planet Evolve.

To date - the chakra course has helped over 1000 students since its launch on 08/01/2016 in over 65 different countries. We have added many amazing people to our website who offer free and paid for services to help other people along their journey.

So we welcome you to travel through HOPEvolve's website. It is our HOPE that you find the answers you seek.

We Love You

Though most of it was spent just surviving day to day through everything life threw my way, I thrived. It was in 2003 that my Mission became clear and my true re-awakening occurred.


My mission is a simple one. Help as many through Unconditional LOVE as possible to become who you Truly are inside, which I've been doing for over a decade now. Shine a light into the darkness and show others that this world can be anything you make of it.

Although I have many gifts such as empathy, precognition and energy working among the strongest, I would say my most valuable gift is the ability to teach and to tap into the knowledge of the universe known as the Akashic Records and share that Divine knowledge with others.

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David Hopkins - Northern California - USA

I am the founder of and have been on my spiritual path for my entire life.

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