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~ Founder of HOPEvolve ~

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My name is David Hopkins. I am here on a Mission. I was born to do one thing, for one purpose. For HOPE - being a Hero Of Planet Earth, Helping Our Planet Evolve by Helping Other People Everywhere. I didn't realize this when I was born. I didn't actually remember this until years later. My story is a complex one. 

The video below tells you everything about me. All that I can remember of my life. The reason I am the way I am as well as what I was put here to do.

My entire life was spent in what most would call Hell. Typical story for those who have "awakened". Beaten, abused, drug abuse, lifetime filled with tragedy. But then one fateful day, I "Re-awakened". I began my long path to answer the question "Why Am I Here?"

I now know the reason I am here. But more so than that. I know why we're here. At this time, in this place. By re-connecting with my Twin Flame and Divine Feminine, Allison Hopkins, our mission can now come to fruition.

I have been gifted with a certain thirst for knowledge. A passion to ask questions. Who? What? When? Where? How? but most of all Why? Because of this insatiable desire to "get to the bottom" of something, I found these answers. 

I created this website for this purpose. 

Please watch this video which will explain. Then once you are finished, you can find out all about THE MISSION by clicking the link below the video. I need your help. IT IS TIME!

These will take you to other links that I have where I am sharing the Mission of Helping Our Planet Evolve
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