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~ Read what people are saying ~

This page is dedicated to all of the wonderful things people have said about the help they've received either through the Chakra Course, Services that I offer, Tarot Readings or just general testimonials about how you feel you've been helped in our Mission of Helping Our Planet Evolve - Through You.

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David is truly a genuine kind hearted, very gifted Soul, who is dedicated to his mission of helping the Planet and Humanity. He did such an amazing job on my website, I could not have done it without him. I am truly grateful for his service!

Grace Akasha

Well first at all thank you so much David for an outstanding reading , you really let me understand a lot of things that probably without your reading I will have not clue what to do to put my ship on the right direction I really appreciate your help you are awesome and of course I recommend to everyone to use his service...I'm just very happy cause I came here for a card reading and I found a new friend my brother David ,thank you again !!!!!

Daniel Aguilar ~ Charlotte

Thank you David Hopkins for the most amazing, accurate and uplifting tarot reading I have ever experienced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, even psychic mediums want readings for therapy and clarity.

Stacey Lynn ~ Psychic Medium - Maryland, USA

The Tarot Reading  I received was Amazing!!! David, I love the way you presented it! I was able to follow with ease the cards & I love that you include their meanings for us, also that you email the reading so I can continue to savor all the wonderful juicy parts & continue to study the messages from Spirit!


This was by far worth every penny of donation & I'm jazzed that all my future readings are discounted !!! I so loved this experience & my spread was absolutely fabulous❤ 


Thank you again so much!!!!! Love, Light & Blessings to you & yours always

Kriste Baker - Texas

I highly recommend a Tarot reading from David. It was spot on and I really appreciate the way he presents the meaning of the cards in their position, allowing for the insight to come from within me. Answered many key questions I had, confirming what I already knew but was unable to fully embrace. I have met a fellow traveler on this journey and I am better for it.

Penny Duncan - Hamilton, Ohio

I did not know that there was something inside of me that was larger than the world I was in. I did not know I had power. I was clueless to how magic works. If you would have asked me about miracles, I would have rolled my eyes. As the steps towards myself started, I felt guided but confused. I was lost but felt on my way. Something inside of me was activated towards people that would guide me toward my purpose and the life I have always wanted.


David Hopkins was and is my earth angel. David Hopkins ability to articulate, his joyfulness, his knowledge, his empathy, his determination, and his eagerness to help others; changed my life!


I am forever grateful! I am in hope. I am a miracle.

Thank You David!

Mary Jo - USA

David "hit the nail on the head" when he read tarot cards for me. Everything resonated with me. And made me realize more about myself..things that were perplexing me. Now it makes sense. 

David gave me a sense of peace about what I felt about past and how to deal with now.

Theresa K - California

Your course helped me to get in touch with my own divinity, be more confident and to evolve everyday by appreciating simples things in life ! Thank you very much ! Namaste, love and light !

Elody - Quebec, Canada

Last fall I went through an amazing transformation when I started working on my chakras with my guide, David Hopkins.

My energy was out of balance and I was all over the place. At this time in my life I was a very angry woman.

David explained how the chakra system works and when cleaned and balanced properly it would help get me back on track. He explained we would do a Chakra each week and we started at the root. Based on his teaching, I wore something red every day, carried red crystals with me and incorporated red food into my meals.


David also had me read affirmations for each week which I said every morning and evening into the mirror, to myself. 


Week three I worked on my solar plexus chakra. It was a very emotional week for me and I found I had to face a lot of demons I have  hidden for long time. This is where I finally gave forgiveness to someone I thought I never would. 


It was a life-changing moment for me.


David was very kind and amazing with his knowledge. 

I feel as though I am a butterfly that has gone through a metamorphosis. I'm much happier and a stronger woman now. I am LOVE and helping many around me. The student has become a teacher. That is one of the things that David had asked of me.

I would recommend David Hopkins chakra Balancing system. This is something that will benefit your mind, body and soul. To have all of your chakras open is a beautiful feeling

Tracey Fisher - Canada

I must say that this reading was very inspirational, informative and uplifting. I would definitely recommend a Tarot card reading by David.

Debra - Sacramento, CA

David has a high frequency energy so when he connects to your energy and guides the cards that get drawn are for your highest good. 

The suggested donation amount is a guideline and the suggested amount is a bargain. Helping people is a gift and it is a gift that takes time. What is divine inspiration to what is on your heart worth? We dislike large corporations and the corporate greed yet we don't think twice before buying that expensive cup of coffee or fill in the blank. How much more should we want to support our brother who has a family and wants to do Gods work full time. He is a bright light in this world. It is in everyone's best interest for him to be a constant lighthouse in a dark world. Blessings to you and your beautiful family. Blessings and abundance to all. We live in a world of lack because we believe it so. As the late and great Dr. Wayne Dyer would say "When we believe it, we see it".

Lynn ~ Sauk Rapids, MN

I am very pleased with the detail and results of my reading. It has lot of insight on every aspect your seeking and if your in a hard spot in life the readings help tremendously to get you pointed in a healing direction. Id recommend it to anyone who is looking to better their own lives through a legit source.


When I first talked to someone about this “chakra” course, I was skeptical. How could saying some things every morning and night and listening to some recordings change my life. Focusing on energy circles inside of me that I can’t see? Then through the weeks I worked with David, who kept bugging me, “Did you read your affirmations?” “Did you do the activity?” “What did you eat?”, I started to feel a difference in me. He calls it a re-program and that’s exactly what I felt like I was doing. I began to see the world a different way but more importantly, myself. Am I a completely new person? Maybe not. Am I solidly on the road to becoming who I always saw myself being? Completely. I would recommend this to everyone I know and have.



I have always been an introvert. I never liked being around or talking to people. I didn’t realize for my whole life it was because I was trying to get away from the energy I was feeling from others. This very intense program that I went through made realize that. My chakras were out of wack. I’m not telling you this was easy either. This was the hardest nine weeks of my life. This program makes you really look at how you have let others tell you, who you are. Through this, I was able to clear a lot of garbage that I was holding onto and release it. Does this work? I am able to be around people now and I don’t mind talking to them. You tell me.


Amanda – Australia

I recommend this chakra “re-program” to whoever wants to learn to be a better you.


Jacob – Arizona, USA

I started this chakra course last year. I have to admit I kept stopping it. I let my “life” get in the way. I even told David it wasn’t working. He was patient and caring and said we will get through it. I kept restarting it. I finally made the decision to just do it one night when I was home crying and asking why my world is so messed up. I remembered what David always told me. “The world is what you make it.”


I decided right there. I got the crystals and food. I woke up in the morning and read the affirmations. I actually started memorizing them in just a couple of days and when things weren’t going right, I would recite them in my head and it made me feel better. I listened to the meditations. I did the activities. In just a couple of weeks I could feel a difference in me. The incredible thing was I could also see a difference in the way things were happening in my life too. The more I believed in myself, the better things were getting. I am so thankful that this was there for me. It changed my life. I am also thankful that there was someone there to help me through this.


Megan - Texas

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