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"Our Supporters"


The HOPE Family Member who Refers THE MOST people to our HOPEvolve website EACH MONTH will be rewarded with a

~ Custom

~ Hand-Made

~ One Of A Kind

~ Made with/by Pure Love

~ Crystal "Amulet"

(no longer pendants)

or other Crystal Jewelry

created by       

David Hopkins & Allison Hopkins


How does it work?


Please read in its entirety


INCREDIBLE NEWS!!!  ~  WHEN (not if) We stop making jewelry for income (projections are within the next 3 months or sooner), Allison and I will still be making jewelry.


We have put this HOPE rewards in place as our humble way of saying Thank You for all that you’ve done for us over the last years and continue to do for us in the years to come as we work toward our ultimate goal of building Project HOPE. To thank you for supporting us, believing in us and ultimately our MISSION OF HOPE.


Simply to be a Hero Of Planet Earth (Our Mother Gaia), Helping Our Planet Evolve by Helping Other People Everywhere.


The HOPE Family member who refers the most NEW people to our HOPEvolve website, who fill out our OPT IN form of their own choice* in a month's time will receive a…


FREE CRYSTAL AMULET or another piece of handcrafted, CRYSTAL JEWELRY made by myself or Allison Hopkins.

Please read FAQs for how it all works

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If you would like to see this project completed faster, please support us with a monthly subscription.

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