You've made it through 8 weeks of the most intense Chakra

Re-Programming out there. You should feel incredibly proud of yourself.

This week and every week hereafter is simply to learn to do a daily chakra balancing. We here at HOPEvolve recommend that at this time if there were any week that you feel could use more work in, go back into that week and begin it again. The wonderful benefit about this course is that it's never over. In fact, you're just beginning. You've transformed so much of yourself, we know how wonderful and amazing you feel. 

Now, just like week 8, it's time for you to continue to keep your chakras opened and balanced.

Here is what HOPEvolve recommends for this week and all weeks beyond:

  • Take your affirmations and put together your own list of daily affirmations. 

    • 3 Affirmations per Chakra x 7 Chakras = 21 Affirmations per day. 

    • Change them up so that you focus on any area you may feel challenged by.

  • Below is a link to a 49 minute Meditation (in Video format) that combines ALL of the previous weeks Meditations

  • Look up full meditations on YouTube for Chakra Balancing - there are thousands

  • Continue your education by learning all there is to know about the Chakra system

  • Keep coming back here for regular tune-ups - You are now Lifetime Member of HOPEvolve

  • Check back often as we are updating our offerings and will be adding advanced Chakra Instruction at a later date

Tell others about your incredible transformation so that they too can benefit from this course.

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