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You've made it through 8 weeks of the most intense Chakra

Re-Programming out there. You should feel incredibly proud of yourself.

This week and every week hereafter is simply to learn to do a daily chakra balancing. We here at HOPEvolve recommend that at this time if there were any week that you feel could use more work in, go back into that week and begin it again. The wonderful benefit about this course is that it's never over. In fact, you're just beginning. You've transformed so much of yourself, we know how wonderful and amazing you feel. 

Now, just like week 8, it's time for you to continue to keep your chakras opened and balanced.

Here is what HOPEvolve recommends for this week and all weeks beyond:

  • Take your affirmations and put together your own list of daily affirmations. 

    • 3 Affirmations per Chakra x 7 Chakras = 21 Affirmations per day. 

    • Change them up so that you focus on any area you may feel challenged by.

  • Below is a link to a 49 minute Meditation (in Video format) that combines ALL of the previous weeks Meditations

  • Look up full meditations on YouTube for Chakra Balancing - there are thousands

  • Continue your education by learning all there is to know about the Chakra system

  • Keep coming back here for regular tune-ups - You are now Lifetime Member of HOPEvolve

  • Check back often as we are updating our offerings and will be adding advanced Chakra Instruction at a later date

Tell others about your incredible transformation so that they too can benefit from this course.

  • Please scroll to the bottom of this page and choose one of the feedback forms below to leave a testimonial and to let us know how we did. 

This chakra course is FREE of Charge to you.

My Current Chapter of this HOPE Novel:
I Am:
  • 50yrs old - 25 years clean and sober
  • Very healthy  - lost 135lbs, size 54 to 38 - health trainer - (except for my degenerative bone disease in my spine)
  • Single - Newly divorced - different paths
  • Full time Mother/Father - I am more feminine than masculine
  • Working a part time job that can go away at any second - Covid is not being kind to my company
  • Ex business owner - due to losing my business because of Covid at the end of 2020
  • Newly moved into a very unsafe neighborhood - Central Valley CA - huge crime rate - after finally making it to live near Mount Shasta for 2 years - Please see Project HOPE to find out why that is so important
  • Living with my 18yr old adult child I am, and have raised on my own for his entire life, who suffers from slight autism, due to a vaccine he received prior to going into the 7th grade
  • Without a car - borrowing my bosses car
  • Doing my best to come up with money for an AWD Van or SUV and the rest of the supplies to be ready to leave the city with my son
  • A survivor of 2 long term relationships - both ended in separation, due to both of us having issues that I was willing to work on and they weren't. Then they chose a separate path
  • Someone who is doing my best to save you and your family, while saving mine - "Love thy Neighbor as thyself"

I have raised 3 boys basically on my own, as best I could, into becoming good caring compassionate men, (27, 26 and 18) all while dealing with the trauma of the life I've lived.

As a child at 17 I was diagnosed with PTSD, bi-polar mood disorder, ADHD, and a slew of other dis-orders that a life of following would bring:
  • beaten by father, mother older brother - since birth to 17
  • raped - multiple times as a child
  • abused - physical, mental, sexually, spiritually (throughout my life by family and relationships who took advantage of my bad memory and my conditions)
  • molested - for months as a child
  • drug addicted - 9 to 25 to escape my hell
  • watched my terminal mother wither from 200lbs to 60lbs over 7 years and die due to her being experimented on
  • homeless - throughout my life - working on NOT be homeless again right now actually
  • having and then losing what most would call "Everything"  over and over again due to circumstances beyond my control

And not ONCE Did I Ever Give Up HOPE

I SURVIVED and "I Made It Through"

So can YOU.

I created this Chakra Course as a means of healing my trauma and IT IS WORKING - so well - I wanted to give it to you... I hope it is doing for you what it did for me.

Through the last few years I have created and given away MANY USEFUL and Practical tools and Top Notch Training on hundreds of subjects  - all for FREE. I have never asked anything in return except that you drink the water I've led you to, and maybe shoot a referral and teach others what you've learned. It has always been your choice on whether to or not.

If you feel that any of the information is worth it and anything I may have done, has changed your life or the lives of those around you, all gifts and donations are welcome.

I do sell a little merchandise in the store to help you with your healing and also offer Tarot card readings as well as consultation under the Services tab.

I am not and will never ask for handouts but anything you feel called to gift for the training you've received, I am most grateful.


David Hopkins



Note: I do not use PayPal because they keep stealing my money.

Thank you from the center of my heart
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