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~ Being a Hero Of Planet Earth, Helping Our Planet Evolve by Helping Other People Everywhere ~

We all know there is something not as it should be at this moment on the planet as well as with Humanity as a whole. For those of you who hadn't known or are just becoming aware of this, there is an unnatural state of being that seems to be geared toward fear, separation, segregation, war, poverty, disease, famine, torment, control, as well as an unnatural change affecting our environment globally happening in this time. Not everyone realizes this is happening but there are many of us that do.

What you may not be aware of is that it isn't actually supposed to be like this. This state of "unnatural" is manufactured, man-made and control based. We are supposed to be at a certain level of evolution at this time but this is being hampered, dampened by the unnatural state that is covering, enveloping and saturating our planet and all its inhabitants.

All of it has to do with Energy, Vibration and Frequency. We, as a whole, are supposed to be connected to a certain Frequency. The frequency of our planet and the very universe itself. You've heard of the 432hz? What most don't know is that this is simply broken down to a Digital Base Root Frequency of "9". And for the last few thousand years (and maybe longer), we have been forcibly moved away from this "Natural" and "Universal" Frequency through various means of control and being guided through different types of input. Slavery, Segregation, Monarchy, Hierarchy, Violence, Fear, War, Poverty, Abuse, Disease, and so much more are all different types of frequency control being used to separate us from the natural frequency of our planet and the universe.

There are those of us who are not only aware of what's going on but have embarked on a massive scientific and spiritual project to fix all of this. OUR MISSION: To Save Humanity

By utilizing everything learned in science, ancient knowledge, as well as natural technology and bringing forth methods began by Nikola Tesla many years ago, we have furthered the research into the almost mystical realm of the 369. Energy, Vibration and Frequency.

Our Universe and everything within is ENERGY 

Energy is transformed by VIBRATION

The energy takes on the form based purely on its FREQUENCY

We have learned this. And more so than that, we have a method of utilizing these 3 core factors of this universe to fix the entire planet and thereby Humanity itself.

DAVID HOPKINS - Learn about the Founder of HOPEvolve and the one is creating The Arc 

Through many years of research, meditation, and following clues left in plain sight, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have put together the schematics of something that could be used as a natural tool to assist us in unlocking the doorways necessary to fix this world. The catalyst to all of this knowledge was left for us thousands of years ago on the walls and carvings throughout the world. This image is known as the Flower of Life.


This is....

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