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~ Helping Our Planet Evolve ~

On this page you will find links to video galleries, websites and online articles that are to help you find the ANSWERS you seek. We like to say here at HOPEvolve "Don't believe everything you hear, research everything you hear. Only then will you find YOUR TRUTH".

We will be constantly updated this page with more video channels, links, articles and blog links - Please continue to check back often



This is a link to an article that explains the Universal Laws

The Doorway

Everyone has a moment of Awakening and have opened the DOOR. Now what do you do?

This describes that sometimes Light and Dark aren't exactly what you may think they are and "perception" plays a very large part of how this Universe reacts to you.

This describes in depth how everything is connected together. Our conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind to the matter, dark matter and dark energy of the universe. As well as the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind of the Universal Awareness that is Source. This also goes deeply into The Akashic Records.

Our Connection to the Universe and Source
Light And Dark
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