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~ Visitor's And Administrative Area ~

"Welcome Home"

This is where everyone who wishes to see everything that Project HOPE has to offer will come to. Here they will have access to:


Tours of Project HOPE

  • Live Guided tours of all Centers of HOPE

  • State of the Art Green Technology Virtual Tours

  • Movie Tours - drone footage and CGI along with live action movies

  • Organic Food Preparation Centers

  • To show how we eat at Project HOPE

  • Mini-classes on healthy food preparation at the stations

  • FREE Lunches and Dinners (for guests and the surrounding communities - for those less fortunate)

  • “Reality” Presentations

  • Eco-friendly, Self-sustainable, Organic, Holistic Living

  • Plethora of Subjects such as; technology, research and development, alternative treatments such as sonic and light healing techniques, herbal/spice treatments

  • Storefronts/Kiosks

  • To sell handmade crafts from those living on the property

  • To allow surrounding local owned businesses a place to sell their wares to support our local communities

  • To allow visitors the ability of purchasing our home-made recipes and pre-made food items

  • The Crystal Time Capsule (Description on many of my videos but to be written later)


"What you do speaks so much louder than what you say"

  • Demonstrations

  • Organic Farming

  • A Day in The Life at Project HOPE

  • Essential Oil treatments

  • Crafting

  • Body Mind and Spirit Healing - Meditation, Yoga, Chanting, Crystal Bowls, to name a few


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