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The Connection to Our Mother Earth and Source Energy
Energy Centers within our Body and Torus Field:

The Sanskrit word “Chakra” means wheel or disk. These are the energy centers located within our physical body that when flowing smoothly connect us to the Earth and the energy of the Source consciousness that is our Universe. Although there are many many chakras throughout our body and surrounding us both above and below, there are seven main chakras directly in the center of our being aligned with our spine and flowing through our Torus energy field. These start from the base of our body at the first point of the first 8 cells in our Perineum, up our center through to the crown of the head. To use a visualization method of "seeing" a chakra in the body, imagine a spinning vortex of energy in each of these 7 areas corresponding to each color in the spectrum of light from Red to White (Purple), much like you would see a rainbow in the sky. Each of these energy points within your body is where the Earth and Universal consciousness meet. This invisible (and sometimes visible) energy, when clean and balanced is what keeps us healthy and connected to nature and opens up our perception to the universe around us.

Why Are Balanced Chakras So Important:


Think of a river. If you put a dam in front of the flow of water, what happens? The water gets trapped behind the dam and begins to build and become stagnant. Stagnant water begins to form mold and algae, causing the oxygen in the water to become contaminated and kills the fish. And the rising water begins to overtake the plants and animals on the shore which floods the surrounding area with stagnant, unhealthy water. Thereby destroying the animals, plants and earth around the blockage.


This is the same thing that happens within your body. If your chakra energy centers are blocked or imbalanced, they too become stagnant and begin to overflow the surrounding body and energy field around you. This causes harmful (negative) effects, not only on you and your personal energy but also affecting the energy of everything around you. 


Since energy is transformed by your emotional state and thoughts, to be imbalanced is to have an imbalanced life. You will find that when you truly understand, open, clear each chakra and have a free flowing "clean" river, your entire life will transform. You will transform and will once again be evolving as nature intended. 


9-Week Chakra “Re-Program” Course


HOPEvolveTM offers a chakra course that will assist in this evolution. 

It is called the 9-week “Re-Program” because that is exactly what it is designed for. To re-program your conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind and help you to become who you truly are and have always been. A  Divine Human Being residing within your human form. To re-connect yourself and be comfortable with your humanity as well as connecting you once again to your divinity as a Creator of the Universe.

Throughout your life, you have been "programmed" to be a certain way, look a certain way, think, feel and act a certain way. From the moment you were born to now, you have been under a certain set of "man-made" rules. This is not what Nature intended. We're about to change all of that. We are going to "re-program" you to be the YOU Nature made you to be.

This is NOT an easy thing to accomplish, you are going to be delving into areas many of you haven't dealt with for your entire lives. However, the rewards are incomprehensible as you can see here by just a few of the people who have already been through this course.

Time Dedication - Less than 1 Hour per Day (combined time)


The best part of this Journey is it will take less than 1 hour per day, everday to completely TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE! 



During these 9 weeks (plus an extra Week Zero for preparation) you will completely immerse yourself into your 7 main chakras.

Root; Sacral; Solar Plexus; Heart; Throat; Third-Eye; Crown



Each week for the first 7 weeks is designed to focus on individual chakras for 7 days straight. Starting with Day 1 and ending Day 7 (you choose which day of the week to start on), you will work on each one, to open, cleanse and balance through spiritual guidance, affirmations, daily activities and audio meditations. You will saturate each of your other 6 senses (smell, taste, touch, hearing, sight and thought) with the colors and frequencies of the chakras as well. This intense course will effectively “reboot” your mind, body and spirit into opening and clearing each chakra center as well as advancing your evolution.

Once you’ve successfully worked through each chakra in the first 7 weeks, the 8th Week is designed to take you through one chakra per day for 7 days to get you used to balancing them. The 9th Week (and beyond) will be simple clearing and balancing for all of your chakras each day, now that you’ve learned to work with them. This entire process can be repeated at any time and is recommended at least 2 times per year.



Last fall I went through an amazing transformation when I started working on my chakras with my guide, David Hopkins.

My energy was out of balance and I was all over the place. At this time in my life I was a very angry woman.

David explained how the chakra system works and when cleaned and balanced properly it would help get me back on track. He explained we would do a Chakra each week and we started at the root. Based on his teaching, I wore something red every day, carried red crystals with me and incorporated red food into my meals.


David also had me read affirmations for each week which I said every morning and evening into the mirror, to myself. 


Week three I worked on my solar plexus chakra. It was a very emotional week for me and I found I had to face a lot of demons I have  hidden for long time. This is where I finally gave forgiveness to someone I thought I never would. 


It was a life-changing moment for me.


David was very kind and amazing with his knowledge. 

I feel as though I am a butterfly that has gone through a metamorphosis. I'm much happier and a stronger woman now. I am LOVE and helping many around me. The student has become a teacher. That is one of the things that David had asked of me.

I would recommend David Hopkins chakra Balancing system. This is something that will benefit your mind, body and soul. To have all of your chakras open is a beautiful feeling

Tracey Fisher - Canada

This Course is FREE. If you know of anyone who may need this, please feel free to pass it on.
Remember, this is your journey. You have chosen to walk a very rewarding path that will bring you to balance of your mind, body and spirit through one of the most powerful methods out there - Your Chakras.
What you get with this course - TOTAL TIME COMMITMENT (less than) 1 HOUR PER DAY:


  • LifeTime Membership - You Are Home

    • Once you have chosen this method, you will have access to this program for the rest of your life. 


  • Affirmations for each chakra and how to use them - Total Time - 10 min

    • Total time to complete - 10 minutes (5 in morning, 5 at night)

    • Focused on re-programming the way your mind works​


  • Lists of Recommended Items; Foods; Crystals; Oils - to use during course

    • Specifically focused on each chakra (sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch and thought)

  • Daily Activities per week focused on each chakra - 49 activities - Total Time - 10-30 min

    • Each activity is focused ​on opening, clearing out and balancing each chakra as well as changing your life

    • These activities are designed to not only help your chakras but to allow you to open yourself up and "clear" away all of the programming that you've been forced to adhere to your whole life and BECOME who you were always meant to be 


  • Streaming Audio Meditations - Guided mediatations - Total Time - 15 min

    • Week 1 through 8 comes with 15 min audio

    • Week 9 comes with a 49 min audio meditation for daily balancing

      • This will help to reinforce all of the affirmations you are working with

  • Journaling Instructions - You will be creating a written, photo and video journal of your progress to gauge and see the transformation day by day and week by week.


  • Track Progress and Share with Others - Join the Community (completely optional)

    • You will have the ability of keeping track of your progress with an online community of other travelers who are also on their path to balance.

    • You will have dedicated space where you can send your photos and videos for others to view and watch your transformation



By clicking the link above and signing up for a username and password you are agreeing to the following:


MEMBER AGREEMENT: (Just by clicking the link above, you are agreeing to these 6 agreements. If you do not agree, please don't go forward. This is a legally binding agreement.)

1. The information and materials contained in this course are for mature adults 18+ only. Some of the information contains adult information (Sacral Chakra mostly) and is not intended for anyone under the age of 18.

2. I hereby state that I am 18 years or older and will conduct myself as a mature adult.

3. I will use this information and materials to the best of my ability and work at my own pace.

4. I will NOT duplicate nor share this information with any other party for monetary gain as this is proprietary to HOPEvolve and given away for free.

5. I will respect others who are going through this process and will come into this with an open mind, body and spirit.

6. I DO NOT hold and will not hold HOPEvolve responsible for my results of utilizing this FREE course.

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