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~ Main Attributes ~

The Chakras of the Physical - Mother Earth and Human Connection

This page contains a brief description of the chakras and some main points to know about them. The first three chakras, starting at your perineum are Chakras of your connection to being a Human being, your connection to our Earth. These are tied to your physical body and well being and when properly balanced, will affect not only your sense of well-being but your physical body as well

1st Chakra: Root Chakra / The Muladhara – RED – Element: EARTH

  • This is located in the Perineum – the first 8 cells formed to create our living body

  • Balanced: This is the chakra of Divine Connection to Mother Earth; Survival; Primal; Confidence; Stability, Security, Basic needs, Individuality, Trust

  • Imbalances: insecurity, fear, lack of trust, low self-esteem, poor health

2nd Chakra: Sacral Chakra / The Svadhisthana – ORANGE – Element: WATER

  • This is located in the reproductive organs – pelvic region; testicles; womb; penis; vagina

  • Balanced: This is the chakra of Divine Sexuality and Creativity; Sensuality; Reproduction; Carnal; Passion; Confidence, Acceptance of Others, Following your Sexual Desires

  • Imbalances: too much or poor sexual drive, insecurity, low self-esteem, standoffish, don’t accept others, not creative, indecision

3rd Chakra: Solar Plexus / The Manipura – YELLOW – Element: FIRE

  • This is located in the navel in the area of the solar plexus and up to the breastbone

  • Balanced: This is the chakra of Divine Power; Health; Self-confidence; Strength

  • Imbalances: poor health, depression, fear, lack of confidence, feeling out of control, nervousness, weakness, being a victim


4th Chakra: Heart/Anahata – GREEN/PINK – Element: AIR - LOVE

  • This is located at the heart center. This is at the middle of the seven and unites the lower chakras of Mother Earth and the upper chakras of Source Consciousness.

  • Balanced: This is the chakra of Divine and Unconditional Love; Forgiveness; Acceptance; Beauty, Bond between Human (Green) and Divine (Pink).

  • The fourth is also spiritual but serves as a bridge between our body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

  • The heart chakra is our source of DIVINE LOVE and Connection to SOURCE ENERGY.

  • Imbalances: Anger, aggression, emotional issues, not loving yourself, separation from others, sadness, depression, selfishness

Not too many people realize that we actually have 2 Heart Chakras within our body. One Earth Heart Chakra (Green) and one Spirit Heart Chakra (Pink). If you follow the link below there is a video by a very knowledgable spiritual guide (David Hopkins - on his YouTube Channel ANSWERS) who we believe explains how the Chakra system within your body contains these 2 Heart Chakras

Chakra Energy System - within the Flower of Life - 2 Heart Chakras

The Chakras of Spirit - Our Connection to The Universal Oneness

The top three chakras, starting at your throat and ending at the crown of your skull are Chakras of your connection to our wondrous universe. "You are a light being having a human experience". These are your connection to your higher self which is connected to the ALL that is the Source of our Universe. 

5th Chakra: Throat / The Vishuddha – BLUE – Element: SPIRIT

  • This is located in our throat, our voice box.

  • Balanced: This is the chakra of Divine Truth; Verbal and Creative Expression; Forgiveness, Communication; Integrity, Knowledge, Wisdom

  • Imbalances: excessive or lack of communication, need to be untruthful, fear of rejection, insecurity, lack of discernment, inability to forgive, selfishness

6th Chakra: Third Eye / The Ajna – INDIGO – Element: ALL

  • This is located directly at the center of our brow, in relation to the Pineal Gland within our brain

  • Balanced: This is the chakra of Divine Sight; Psychic Ability; Intuition; Wisdom; Visions; Insight, Discernment

  • Imbalances: lack of concentration, lack of vision, indecision, unable to see the big picture, stuck in illusion

7th Chakra: Crown / The Sahaswara – VIOLET/PURPLE/CLEAR – Element: ALL

  • This is located at the crown of the head, very top of your skull

  • Balanced: This is the chakra of Divine Connection to our Higher Self; the Universe; Source Consciousness and Energy; Divine Wisdom and Knowledge; Understanding; Selfless Service

  • Imbalances: grief, depression, fear, disconnected, disorientation, panic attacks, separation anxiety, tension,

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