The links above will take you to the different areas of Project HOPE which is one of the main missions of HOPEvolve. Our projections are to launch Project HOPE by the year 2025. The very long in-depth form below is best viewed on a computer or laptop and is for those to fill out if you wish to:

  • Stay in Contact ~ Your contact information will be added to our database of HOPE contacts so we do not lose track if anything were to happen to the internet.

  • Volunteer to Help ~ If you have skills in any of the areas listed in the form below and wish to assist in any available areas on your spare time, we are looking for you and would love  to know what you can do.

  • Pre-Application for Employment ~ We will have found our property by 2022 and will begin calling on all people who have filled out the HOPE Intent Form to see if you are interested in beginning the interview process to assist with Project HOPE either on-site or from right where you are.