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~ Temporary and Transitional Living ~


Project HOPE is specifically designed (from conception to expansion and everything in between) to be “something different”. The alternative way of living with our Mother Gaia while retaining our sense of technology and comfort. We are here to “Be The Change and Change The World”. So because we consider ourselves to be those who live by “What you do speaks so much louder than what you say”, we welcome visitors of all walks of life. Come and stay with us for a while in the 15 plus acres set aside for YOU. Get to know us. Learn why we are so passionate about our Mission of HOPE and more so, decide by being here, living in our Temporary housing centers (Vossahedrons) or by staying in our spacious campgrounds or RV areas (off grid), if YOU would like to join us as a member of HOPE.

Who All will be staying in this area? The Temporary and Transitional Living Center is home to our acres of campgrounds, day parks, RV parks and our Bio Homes, temporary living areas. The people staying in this area including our Bio-Architecturally designed homes will either be renting for lengthy stays (days to weeks to months), weekly or weekend retreats, camping, those trading “sweat equity” for room, food and board and for those who will be participating in one of our Public Outreach Programs which includes working with homeless individuals or families, people or families in need of a new home, who are currently seeking help through local programs.

The key to this most important Center of HOPE is the sense of being in a Collective of people from all cultures, religious backgrounds, ethnicities, geographic location and different areas of their lives, coming together to learn the benefits of living in such as place as Project HOPE.

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