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Numbers are a “Clue” left to us from....

LOVE by any other name. A “trail of breadcrumbs” if you want to call it that. Everything in these numbers 0-9 has been left for us to remember our connection and allow us to Evolve and Return to LOVE.


"In The Beginning"

0 “Zero” - “ONE” – Everything, Nothing – Creation and Deconstruction – ALL – Wholeness – Beginning and The End – “Sanskrit for Zero” KA (each number 0 – 9 being a ONE syllable sound “Frequency” in Sanskrit) – The sound a crow makes (one of the oldest known pagan animals associated with Magic) – Dark and Light – ONE (O – Everything and Nothing, N – Nothing, E – Everything) – Portals – Zero Point Field – Field of Unlimited Possibilities – Feminine and Masculine Energy of Creation – The FIRST Sphere in the Flower of Life – the moment of conscious awareness of the Source of This Universe and MOVEMENT of Creation by a conscious thought – The “before” the sphere of creation, The Nothing - Never ending circle, forever in motion – The Torus Field

WHOLENESS – if you take anything that is WHOLE and split it in any angles or shapes, every angle and Shape within that becomes a digital base root of 9 (The Frequency of The Universe) I.e. The dimensions of a Whole are 360 degrees = 9, Split a Whole into 2 and you get 180 degrees = 9, etc. It also “keeps” the 0 “Zero” in the equation at all times, much like the Platonic Solids do.

  • Tetrahedron – 720 (9 and 0)

  • Hexahedron – 2160 (9 and 0)

  • Ocathedron – 1440 (9 and 0)

  • Icosahedron - 3600 (9 and 0)

  • Dodecahedron - 6480 (9 and 0)

If you take a Whole and split it into 3 (keeping with the 369) then each third becomes something entirely amazing

  • 1/3 - .333 “to infinity”

  • 2/3 - .666 “to infinity”

  • 3/3 - .999 “to infinity”

That is a WHOLE – that is the true ONE – Infinity



1 “ONE” – Masculine Energy (straight line) – a straight path – the “first” step in becoming WHOLE

Individualism rising to become Complete (9) and then back to Wholeness (0) – everything divisible by 1 to become itself once again, remembering who you are and have always been – the One – “Sanskrit for 1” KA also representing Wholeness and ONE, TA, PA, YA (waiting for the significance of these to download) – The Flower shows me 6 frequencies (Connection) in the 9 (Frequency) become the 3 (Balance) keys become the ONE – The first sphere in the Flower of Life

2 RA

"Let there be..."

2 - “Sanskrit for 2” RA (light energy from a “solar logos” – what was later changed to RA “Sun God” attempting to transform the vibrational frequency of LIGHT into a purely Masculine form instead of the Combined energies as it is supposed to be) also KHA (pronounced “KA” because it too is of the frequency 0 and THA, PHA (waiting for the significance of these to download)

If you divide anything into 2 you get “one half” of the Whole – if you multiply anything by 2 you get double or a “higher octave” of frequency – it is how Pythagoras took the Platonic Solids and found the “Notes” within them and how their octaves are set up – doubling themselves – C# = 2160 (Hexahedron fifth octave), F# = 720 (Tetrahedron third octave) = 1440 (Octahedron fourth octave), A# = 3600 (Icosahedron fifth octave), etc. – FYI – the one frequency he left out was the Dodecahedron = 6480 hz (Sixth Octave of a note that is found between G# and A# - the octave of the 432hz would put this note/frequency at 405hz)

You can divide a number by two or multiply a number by 2 forever – This is the truest number when it comes to the Macro and Micro of everything that is as it goes on to INFINITY


"If you only knew the magnificence..."

3 – BALANCE - Energy, Vibration, Frequency – Body, Mind and Spirit – The 3 Keys of the Arc (Sound “Vibration”, Light “Frequency”, Love “Energy”) – “If you knew the magnificence of the 3,6 and 9 you would have a “Key” to the Universe” ~ Nikola Tesla – The “Wholely” Trinity – Body (Vibration), Mind (Frequency), Spirit (Energy)

The 3 Earth Chakras (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus), The 3 Spirit Chakras (Throat, Third Eye, Crown) combining in the center to become the 3 Heart Chakras (Root and Crown “Connection to Physical and Etheric”, Third Eye and Sacral “Creation through True Sight”, Solar Plexus and Throat “Power of Truth”)

3 (Balance)+3=6 (Connection) 3+6=9 (Frequency of the Universe), “Wholy Trinity” (Feminine, Masculine, ONE) – “Sanskrit for 3” GA DA BA LA (first “words” sounds from the mouth of a baby – The Child) – Masculine and Feminine becoming ONE through their energy a new Creation

The 3 Sounds (Chime “Earth”, Crystal Bowl “Ether”, US chanting “Connection Between”) – The 3 Masculine doing a different sound (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus), The 3 Feminine doing a different sound (Throat, Third Eye, Crown)

Take 3 consecutive numbers and add them together and they will always equal 3, 6, or 9 – I.e. 012=3, 123=6, 234=9 and so on to infinity

Take 3 identical numbers and add them together and they will always equal 3 6 or 9 – I.e. 111=3, 222=6, 333=9, 171717=24=6, 149149149=15=6, 212121=9


"We call upon the four directions"