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Numbers are a “Clue” left to us from....

LOVE by any other name. A “trail of breadcrumbs” if you want to call it that. Everything in these numbers 0-9 has been left for us to remember our connection and allow us to Evolve and Return to LOVE.


"In The Beginning"

0 “Zero” - “ONE” – Everything, Nothing – Creation and Deconstruction – ALL – Wholeness – Beginning and The End – “Sanskrit for Zero” KA (each number 0 – 9 being a ONE syllable sound “Frequency” in Sanskrit) – The sound a crow makes (one of the oldest known pagan animals associated with Magic) – Dark and Light – ONE (O – Everything and Nothing, N – Nothing, E – Everything) – Portals – Zero Point Field – Field of Unlimited Possibilities – Feminine and Masculine Energy of Creation – The FIRST Sphere in the Flower of Life – the moment of conscious awareness of the Source of This Universe and MOVEMENT of Creation by a conscious thought – The “before” the sphere of creation, The Nothing - Never ending circle, forever in motion – The Torus Field

WHOLENESS – if you take anything that is WHOLE and split it in any angles or shapes, every angle and Shape within that becomes a digital base root of 9 (The Frequency of The Universe) I.e. The dimensions of a Whole are 360 degrees = 9, Split a Whole into 2 and you get 180 degrees = 9, etc. It also “keeps” the 0 “Zero” in the equation at all times, much like the Platonic Solids do.

  • Tetrahedron – 720 (9 and 0)

  • Hexahedron – 2160 (9 and 0)

  • Ocathedron – 1440 (9 and 0)

  • Icosahedron - 3600 (9 and 0)

  • Dodecahedron - 6480 (9 and 0)

If you take a Whole and split it into 3 (keeping with the 369) then each third becomes something entirely amazing

  • 1/3 - .333 “to infinity”

  • 2/3 - .666 “to infinity”

  • 3/3 - .999 “to infinity”

That is a WHOLE – that is the true ONE – Infinity



1 “ONE” – Masculine Energy (straight line) – a straight path – the “first” step in becoming WHOLE

Individualism rising to become Complete (9) and then back to Wholeness (0) – everything divisible by 1 to become itself once again, remembering who you are and have always been – the One – “Sanskrit for 1” KA also representing Wholeness and ONE, TA, PA, YA (waiting for the significance of these to download) – The Flower shows me 6 frequencies (Connection) in the 9 (Frequency) become the 3 (Balance) keys become the ONE – The first sphere in the Flower of Life

2 RA

"Let there be..."

2 - “Sanskrit for 2” RA (light energy from a “solar logos” – what was later changed to RA “Sun God” attempting to transform the vibrational frequency of LIGHT into a purely Masculine form instead of the Combined energies as it is supposed to be) also KHA (pronounced “KA” because it too is of the frequency 0 and THA, PHA (waiting for the significance of these to download)

If you divide anything into 2 you get “one half” of the Whole – if you multiply anything by 2 you get double or a “higher octave” of frequency – it is how Pythagoras took the Platonic Solids and found the “Notes” within them and how their octaves are set up – doubling themselves – C# = 2160 (Hexahedron fifth octave), F# = 720 (Tetrahedron third octave) = 1440 (Octahedron fourth octave), A# = 3600 (Icosahedron fifth octave), etc. – FYI – the one frequency he left out was the Dodecahedron = 6480 hz (Sixth Octave of a note that is found between G# and A# - the octave of the 432hz would put this note/frequency at 405hz)

You can divide a number by two or multiply a number by 2 forever – This is the truest number when it comes to the Macro and Micro of everything that is as it goes on to INFINITY


"If you only knew the magnificence..."

3 – BALANCE - Energy, Vibration, Frequency – Body, Mind and Spirit – The 3 Keys of the Arc (Sound “Vibration”, Light “Frequency”, Love “Energy”) – “If you knew the magnificence of the 3,6 and 9 you would have a “Key” to the Universe” ~ Nikola Tesla – The “Wholely” Trinity – Body (Vibration), Mind (Frequency), Spirit (Energy)

The 3 Earth Chakras (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus), The 3 Spirit Chakras (Throat, Third Eye, Crown) combining in the center to become the 3 Heart Chakras (Root and Crown “Connection to Physical and Etheric”, Third Eye and Sacral “Creation through True Sight”, Solar Plexus and Throat “Power of Truth”)

3 (Balance)+3=6 (Connection) 3+6=9 (Frequency of the Universe), “Wholy Trinity” (Feminine, Masculine, ONE) – “Sanskrit for 3” GA DA BA LA (first “words” sounds from the mouth of a baby – The Child) – Masculine and Feminine becoming ONE through their energy a new Creation

The 3 Sounds (Chime “Earth”, Crystal Bowl “Ether”, US chanting “Connection Between”) – The 3 Masculine doing a different sound (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus), The 3 Feminine doing a different sound (Throat, Third Eye, Crown)

Take 3 consecutive numbers and add them together and they will always equal 3, 6, or 9 – I.e. 012=3, 123=6, 234=9 and so on to infinity

Take 3 identical numbers and add them together and they will always equal 3 6 or 9 – I.e. 111=3, 222=6, 333=9, 171717=24=6, 149149149=15=6, 212121=9


"We call upon the four directions"

4 – PHYSICAL – The 4 elements and Platonic Solids of this Physical Plane of existence – Earth (Hexahedron), Air (Octahedron) Fire (Tetrahedron) Water (Icosahedron) – Physically everything we exist of

Masculine (made up of 4 lines converging into a triangle pointing upwards – but also beginning to make another triangle which would point downward for the Feminine energy as it continues on its path)

The path to Eternity as once it’s complete it will become an 8 – The Arc is made and utilized using the 4 Elements (buried in the Earth, bottom filled with Water, top filled with Air, Underneath the “Solar Logos” in our sky Fire – we are in The Arc and we physically are made of all 4 elements) – “Sanskrit for 4” DHA (the same one syllable word for 9)