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How War and Peace Happen

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

How War happens...This is a conspiracy but it isn't a theory.

1. Government taxes everything we should have as FREE as a human being by birthright, AND of course everything else. Happiness, air, water, food, shelter, clothing, fuel, wages, traveling, jobs, schools, roads, etc.. - Fact

2. The money Taxpayers pay (US) is then gathered up by the ones we told (voted in) to take our money and divided amongst themselves in salaries that most of us only dreamt about and in many of their extracurricular investments including overseas investing. - Fact

3. The money we've freely given (SAVE US FROM TERROR!!!) to the government we voted for, (please re-read 2 just in case you missed the zinger there) is then spent on proposals and contracts with privately owned military weapons companies for their weapons. Generating HUGE profits for these companies and their investors (please see step 2) - Fact

4. The back office deals, proposals, contracts, emails and just about everything else between our United States federal government (Your Employees) and these privately owned companies (some that aren't even in the USA), that we have freely given our hard earned money to, arent available for our review even though we're funding it because we voted they could do things privately when it comes to our safety. We need to wait years later to see what they spent our money on for when the records become declassified since it is a "matter of national security" - Fact

5. Then, armed with your money, weapons and your children, parents, cousins, nephews... You get the picture... These folks who we voted in to rule over us... and voted for them to tell us what to do with our bodies and force us to put chemicals in our children... Set out to "save" another country that just happens to be rich in natural resources from another country or "Terrorists". - Fact

6. BOOM - cities destroyed to be rebuilt by our money and many people die on both sides (More on theirs though - and we don't pay for their funerals, unless its one of ours of course) while the rest are left to sift through the rubble that was their lives... Look up to the skies in absolute fear for their lives and the lives of their children, parents, siblings, get the picture... Resources taken, cover up with "War on Terror" or "Democrazy". Wash, rinse and repeat. - Fact


DELETE Steps 1 through 6 above

I still believe in our country. I'm tired of being ashamed of being an American. I'm proud to have been born and have lived here. It's time we change this and give our children the land our father's and mother's AND their mother's and father's wanted for us.

"No bomb, missle or gun has ever created life"

Brother HOPE



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Jordan Lock
13 dic 2020

Thank you David. Thank you Hope Thank You...

Mi piace

13 dic 2019


Mi piace
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