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Universal Laws - Oneness

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Law of Divine Oneness.

Eye Am You

You Are Eye

Together we are ONE.

This means what you think, feel, say, see, hear, experience, do, act upon, react to, love, is You and affects all of the YOU that surrounds you from the center of your being to the very "edges" of the everything and beyond.

The ability to utilize this to its fullest extent is greatly strengthened by balancing all chakras.

Earth Chakras - Physical to Etheric

Root - "I", being all things physical and therefore stronger than any individual anything due my being human in this body which has been created from and by the very universe and Mother Gaia we exist upon are ONE with ALL

Sacral - "I", being a sacred, physical, accepting divine human being, accept all things as myself and hold everything as sacred as I know I create all things physical

Solar Plexus - "I", being created from the very light of this immeasurable intelligent consciousness that is the universe, know, am confident and unshakable within my inner and outer power and create a healthy vessel for the energy to flow through

Higher Chakras - From Etheric to Physical

Throat - "Eye", being a Divine Trumpet in this universe, discern, learn, practice, know and confidently speak THE TRUTH of all things

Third Eye Chakra - "Eye", being a soul having a human experience, see ALL clearly through all 3 eyes as they are...ONE through my connection to my higher understanding, which because Eye am the ALL is the connection to ALL knowledge

Crown - "Eye", being an indescribable being of pure energy as well as human, understand Eye am all things etheric/spirit/energy and have opened the connection to this physical conduit for the consciousness and connection to the ALL

Connection of Physical and Etheric

Heart - "I/Eye" though my compassionate, nurturing, powerful and forgiving heart, release all that which no longer serves me/us/we/i/you/they/them/him/her/he/she and open myself to the Oneness of that which is all, everything, nothing and allow Love to pour forth from this physical, creative, powerful, truthful, intuitive, spirit guided unconditionally loving soul.

Connection has been achieved.

With and through LOVE,

Brother HOPE

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1 Yorum
14 Oca 2019

I love the alphabet of intention..not only does it help put thoughts into a positive outlook it is fun to do.. to achieve the best I/Eye can be. Thanx w luv

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