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A Story of HOPE - Come Join

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Thank you Wren Hope for the image. Perfect timing

I shared a post on FB earlier. This was another final straw for me in FB. This post was Shared by me from Sisters of the Valley Gaia's HOPE page from Sisters of the Valley page but because FB really doesn't want you tracing where your info is coming from that part of the post is invisible automatically and hopefully I did it tue right way so you can see but I copied and pasted the text just in case.

I'm sure you've ALL noticed and it's not just me (right? I mean if it is just me tell me and I'll stop but before you do please keep reading), FB is deleting automatically the "in-between" "shared" origin on most links - the folks who shared it. Just another attempt at keeping us apart, yet still one of the billion users with account numbers.

We ALL know FB is actually working on keeping more and more people apart because everyone is seeing it, commenting about it, posting about it, etc. Friends are being unknowingly deleted, where did everyone go, 300 shares on a live video getting 30 to 70 viewers (statistically impossible - I've done the math and am a Mathemalchemist), we are interacting with less and less people on here and are forever "trying to come up with ways to get our old friends back and beat the algorithms" (you have no clue how many YouTube videos there are about beating FaceBook algorithms - I literally thought it was just me until I looked which is why I asked you to keep reading up above before you say yeah bro it's just you :) ....WOW), etc.

Eye Am here to say and yell until I am mute...

THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE!!! But you need to do finally come to a point where you finally make the decision to do something. Eye did a long time ago when I woke up and found out what was going on around me.

I looked and looked and looked for a way to free all of us and when I found there was no address to go to. To take my children to. To run to. To escape to. Please don't fool yourself into thinking those werent your first awakened thoughts when you found out all the shit that is going on.

So after years of searching and not finding the place that is going to change the world Eye decided I would build it... For You

But since its initial inception, the mission and my HOPE for the world has EVOLVED. It was no longer was a place to escape but a seed to plant, water and grow. Like LOVE.

Also, I have been looking and looking since being on social media a way to free us from the normal social media control and finally, after over a year, have the tools available and created the online community away from Facebook for those who wish to join.

This is just a little piece of HOPE I'm trying to bring. Just trying to do my part as an infinitesimally miniscule itty bitty piece of a much larger puzzle in changing our entire world and freeing Mother Gaia's children

Eye love you

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