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The TV Wall

I wrestled with the idea of even doing this blogging thing for quite awhile because the "spiritual community" has been hijacked and pumped full of misinformation, programming and charlatans - all of which will make those of you reading this blog have one of two reactions:

"Finally! Somebody has said it!"


"Oh please! What do you know? You're nobody anyway."

Truth be told, either reaction is fine by me because you're going to think about what I tell you either way and that's the whole point. Grab your wine, bowl or whatever else and get comfy, we’re going on a mind-bending ride.

Before we dive into the topic of this entry, I feel that I need to preface it with some vital information. The first thing I need to explain is time or, more accurately, the idea of time. To start with, time is a man-made construct. Only humans use time to measure things, including, but not limited to, the series of moments we call our lifetime. In order to fully grasp the topic I’ll cover later you’ll need to throw out the concept of time even existing. It is hard to do because literally everything in our lives is measured or controlled by the idea of time existing and being linear, in that there is a beginning and end to everything and it follows a straight line. In an episode of Dr. Who, the good doctor explains it as a bunch of wibbly-wobbly, timey-whimey stuff that doesn’t have a beginning or end. That is as good a description as any, if I’m being honest. Once you understand that everything is happening simultaneously throughout the multi-verse and are okay viewing existence like that, then we can move on to the next bit of vital information.

The next bit is about the multiple realties and shared realities that we experience. As I mentioned before, time doesn’t exist so everything is happening simultaneously across the multi-verse. Not universe, the multi-verse. Certain moments during the existence of humanity create splits, and the same thing happens in our lives based upon the choices we make. In our lives there are major moments that end up creating splits, like when you can either drive drunk or get a cab or when you choose what college to go to and so on. With 7.5 billion people on the planet, that’s a whole lot of alternate realities. However, most of our decisions have little to no effect on the overall course of humanity, which is the shared reality we all experience. A good example of the existence of these alternate realities is deja vu. That’s when you have the feeling that you are experiencing something familiar, but have never been there before. Well, in THIS version you haven’t, but in another version you have and because the energy signatures are only different by the smallest degree, you end up having deja vu. The stronger the feeling, the more times it has happened throughout your alternate realities. As for our shared realities, while I like to think that's rather self-explanatory - it isn't. The reason it isn't is because there's been an astounding number of you claiming "this is my truth!" Let's think about that for a moment, shall we? How can the entire world be changed to fit into your personal, individual truth? How are you each so powerful that you can each change all of reality for 7.5 billion people by claiming that it is YOUR truth? Let's get your egos in check, yeah? Here's an example of a shared reality: the sky is blue. You can argue til your last breath that the sky is green, but if it truly appears green to you, then you have a physical issue causing you to see it that way and it doesn't change the fact that the sky is blue for the rest of us. That's also a nutshell example of what you all sound like when you go around shouting "Well this is MY truth!" Sure, sure. That's your truth and you're also dead wrong there, buddy. As I mentioned earlier, the majority of our personal choices have no change on the course of humanity and, by extension, have no effect the shared reality we all partake in. So you can keep going around shouting "This is MY truth!" but it isn't going to change anything but how people view you - SPOILER ALERT: it won't be a good change. Getting back to our shared reality, there have been some choices made by individuals that have altered the course of humanity, some of them have been people like Amerigo Vespucci, Nikola Tesla, Rosalind Franklin, Mahatma Gandhi, Constantine the Great, Adolf Hitler, Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Harriet Tubman, Madame Marie Curie, and Albert Einstein. Each one of them made a choice that altered their life and, in turn, the course of history. Amerigo theorized about the New World and that's why he has two continents bearing his name. Tesla's contributions are numerous, but one you enjoy regularly is cellular data. Rosalind discovered DNA. Gandhi freed the minds and hearts of billions while helping India declare its independence. Constantine held the Council of Nicea - look it up. Hitler....well, he's Hitler. Dr. King gave his life for the equality of people of color. Bill and Steve are pretty much responsible for the Digital Age. Harriet is an icon for not only people of color but also for women. Madame Curie discovered radiation and X-rays. Einstein's contributions, both good and bad, are well documented. However, these are but a few, a handful of people, amongst the billions of humans that have walked this planet. Their decisions, curiosity and discoveries changed the world in some way, but I can almost guarantee you that your "truth" isn't going to change anything on a global scale. With that in mind, get your ego in check and try observing more of our shared reality.

So to recap: time isn’t real, there are billions of alternate realities and the "my truth" movement needs to die out. This is important because what I initially wanted to talk about was me getting asked what it is like to look into the future. For starters, I don’t look into the future because, as we established, time doesn’t exist. Also, it really depends on what I am doing because if I’m trying to figure out what we are experiencing currently, then it is like looking down at the world from thousands of feet in the air. From there I can see the things that are affecting a wide area. If I’m trying to do a big picture thing on our shared reality and the course of humanity, then it is like the TV wall at Best Buy, except the wall never ends and has billions of TVs all showing different shows, even though some of the shows are nearly identical, and there’s only a handful that are showing anything good or interesting. One has a Waterworld type thing, another is more Mad Max, another has a Skynet situation and so on. Then I have to start pushing buttons on this universal remote to start turning off the TVs that don't have a tether to the reality I'm currently in until I get it down to just a few and then see what leads to each of these outcomes. It can be overwhelming at first, sorting through that amount of data, but now it is just kinda normal. Neither I or anyone else can see the future - not because it doesn't exist, but because there are so many versions and simply knowing about their existence can make some of them disappear or change just enough that specific things never happen. Those of us that "look into the future" are just watching different channels than most of you.

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Thanks for reading and blessings to each of you!

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