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Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Do your best

I digress This is the lesson, just a test

We are to knock on the door I wish to show something more But I am, but a keeper, of the gate The door is stuck, but it's leaking out hate Who the hell built this thing for Pete's sake? Anyways, I will stand here waiting at the ready Will you join the wait, the line, the state? The world is dying to give HOPE an escape The giving tree has given all as of late And now it's fighting back to return the landscape

We can work with her, heal her heart... We need to start with our selfs, with art The art of magic, the art of the truth, LOVE is you, I thought you knew I didn't, I forgot, ganbatte from my deepest thought It means do your best, though the English speakers confuse it with luck I'd say it... I would... I can't... What the... Oh look, there's still a duck I guess we'll be okay, but we must change today, because yesterday is bleak Tomorrow will too, if we don't start doing what we were sent to do

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