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Does it mean something?

What does it mean, I hear people say

Inside the mouth, keeping the vile at bay So much distress, trying to find the way Hope can hold out, the love can stay Invigorated changes are coming some day

Now until the end we should play Getting older under the sway

All the time in the world, riddled with decay Wash over us, so that we may Actualize ourselves in this foray You, only you, shine your own rays Life has a meaning, that I am sure, but not sure what that meaning is. Perhaps we could be something more, if people willingly forget what we are not. We have a mission, to become something more, the journey along the way is the meaning, and is so different for each person, that there is not one meaning inherently. Perhaps the meaning is to make our own meaning... this is the best answer I have come to.

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