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HOPEvolve Jewelry

~ Helping Our Planet Evolve through Crystal Energy ~

This page is dedicated to the weekly Crystal Jewelry auction that David and Allison of HOPEvolve are holding LIVE on FaceBook where we are auctioning off jewelry (wire wrapped crystal pendants, earrings, head pieces, arm pieces, rings, and much more), spiritual items such as statues, etc.  

In addition to the Live Auction, David also does custom jewelry wrapping at a certain price. When someone purchases a custom piece they will get a Trance Wrapped Crystal, along with a video of the piece being made Live on Facebook. This page also has "links" to these videos on FaceBook where David is custom wrapping the crystals Live for our family. You must be on FaceBook and if it is a custom piece you must be a friend of David Hopkins to view them or the link won't come up. 

Live Trance Wrapping Videos - This is a page that has links to all of the videos of crystal wrapping done by David Hopkins

Photo Gallery - this is a link to a page containing pictures of most of the work David and Allison have done and have sold since June 2017. 

We are using this money to provide for our family's basic needs such as rent, groceries, necessities, etc. This is our self-employed business.

We also use a portion of the funds to help fund Our Mission.

Every week (Wednesday at 1pm PDT, 4pm EST) we will be holding a LIVE AUCTION on FaceBook. 

The Mission: Helping Our Planet Evolve

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