Apr 16

All we see here is HOPE correct?? Like no outsiders just us?! Eeeek, I'm excited!!

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  • David Hopkins
    Sep 4

    I have sent messages to all of the new members of HOPEvolve. When we get many lore members we may not even need to go to FB anymore. Please SHARE out and invite people to join our HOME away from FB. Please dont wait for me to manage this before you begin posting, talking, commenting and becoming a family.. I am working diligently on securing our future for Project HOPE. Thank you so much for your support all of these years. We're getting there. Brother HOPE
  • David Hopkins
    Jul 22

    Please feel free to post wherever
  • David Hopkins
    Jun 6

    FACT: The Egyptians used many words for The River of The Water of Life. Where ALL Life on this planet sprang from. Was born from. Created from.... The word that personally stands out to me... 💖💖💖 that one of my closest ancient language scholar friends (who also studies quantum physics) found in her research of all the ancient language interpretation of one syllable words she helped me with in my quest to build the ARC for: Egyptian, Sumerian, Akkadian, Latin, and many others.... 💖💖💖 is... SHE