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~ Website Design ~

My specialty is taking an idea, concept or business you have and come up with the path needed to see it from inception to fruition as a professional and divinely inspired website. You have a message or a service that you want to get to the public and I want to help you do just that. Whether it be for purely informational reasons or a service that you offer such as:

  • Coaching (Wellness, Health and Fitness, Chakras, Life, Spiritual, Meditation, etc.)

  • Readings (Energy, Tarot, Psychic, Oracle, Aura, Angel, Runes, etc.)

  • Energy Work (Aura, Reiki, Chakras, etc.)

  • An Online Store (Jewelry, Books, eBooks, Essential oils, Holistic medicine, etc.)

  • Blogging

  • Information videos

  • Webinars

  • Calendar of Events

  • Highlighting your Local "Brick & Mortar" Business

  • Teaching & Training

  • Community Site (Spiritual, Online, Intentional)

  • Something to link your FaceBook page to so you have an online presence

Click here to see the different Website Packages I have to offer

Whatever the case may be or the service you offer, I am offering all of my many personal and professional skills to help you, or to help you help others, with their growth, for a very reasonable cost as you'll see on the Website Package pag. (The money I receive will be going to helping me provide for my family's needs so I can continue to help others and to create many spiritual avenues for other's growth such as I have been posting about, for over a year now, as shown by everything I'm working on and with the creation of HOPEvolve).

I am dedicated to a life of Helping others with their spiritual awareness and growth but the only way to continue on this path is to trade my services for some kind of income to provide for my family.

I have a plethora of professional skills honed over the past 20+ years in the professional arena to offer to you for your generous donation which include but are not limited to:

  • Project Development and Implementation

  • Business coaching and development

  • Personal Growth and Development

  • Website design and implementation

  • Sales and marketing

  • Branding and Advertising

  • Advertisting Material Creation (cards, brochures, ads, etc.)

  • Training (too many subjects to list)

  • Online Office Setup and Management

  • Calendaring for Effective Time Management

  • Curriculum Development and Implementation

  • Workshops, live and online

  • Events, live and online

  • Just to name a few

If you are interested in talking to me about your ideas or business, please click the links below, pick out the right package for you and fill out the simple questionnaire which will give me a better idea on how I can help you. 

I appreciate the opportunity of helping you, which in turn helps the Mission of HOPE:

Helping Our Planet Evolve

Website Packages

Website Questionnaire

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