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~ Tarot Readings ~

As part of my services for HOPEvolve I am offering Tarot Card Readings. And because I believe in evolution being a part of everything I do, what you receive is a bit different than most readings you've received in the past. Please click this link after reading this page to get your reading. 

Click here to see what others are saying about these Tarot Readings - TESTIMONIALS


Tarot has been around for thousands of years as a wonderful divination tool. It is known that we all have a connection to all of the knowledge that exists within this universe known as The Akashic Records. This includes all knowledge of the past, present and future. Tarot is one of the tools used by many to access this knowledge. 

However, many hundreds of years ago, something was "removed" from the Tarot. Today's tarot comes with four suits typically.


  • PENTACLES(Coins; Disks) - Element: Earth - Direction: East

  • SWORDS (Blades; Athame) - Element: Air - Direction: North

  • WANDS (Staves; Rods) - Element: Fire - Direction: South

  • CUPS (Chalice) (Goblets) - Element: Water - Direction: West

It is speculated that ancient orders didn't want the masses to truly gain access to all of the knowledge that could be obtained and accessed by the Tarot. So these societies, churches, kings and queens removed one of the most important suits (elements) from the deck. Also, anyone using this suit was considered a heretic and dealt with severely. This missing suit is...


  • SPIRIT (Ether; Soul; Energy) - Element: Spirit - Direction: Universal 


The fifth "missing" element which connects all to our Earth and Universal Consciousness.

In the past few years this "missing" knowledge has been remembered and channeled by a very few people and they have finally created special decks which once again, include the missing Element and have created the "complete" and next EVOLUTION in Tarot decks.

These links directly below will take you to the sites where you can learn about and purchase these amazing Tarot Decks should you be interested. 

To compliment this next Evolution in Tarot. HOPEvolve founder, through a meditation and channeling has also brought forth a new evolution. The 12 Card Spread. 

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