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We believe in spreading HOPE and think that everyone should start the day with a genuine good morning. I go live on Facebook all the time and have been singing a Good Mornin' song to everyone for a few years. It has been said to me, by so many wonderful souls, that this song helps them start their day right and when they need to feel good, they just have to listen to it.


I am so humbled by this. It has been suggested by many of my friends and family that I record this and sell it as a digital download to assist our family with financial support. As much as we could really use the extra income right now for a few more months, I can't see selling this as it has been my gift to you all for so long. 


If this makes you smile and you would like to gift a small amount for the download, you can do so by sending it directly to my wife's PayPal below with a note simply saying "Good Morning" and we'll know what it's from.


Direct Link: 

Paypal Email:


Thank you so much,


Brother HOPE

Good Mornin' Song

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