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The Perfect Brightness of HOPE

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Come gather, my darlings, and lend me your ears,

I will spin you a tale from a point of No Fear.

Here we shall gather from across Gaia's face

And plan how to help lift each other with Grace.

Oh, is Time to Rise Up!!

Time to help fill another with less in their cup.

In this World filled with Darkness, it can be tough to cope..

We can bring to each other a Brightness of HOPE!!

IN THIS PLACE, AT THIS TIME may we all come to find

That helping each other brings great Peace of Mind.

Let us journey together...make injustices fair.

Let us find understanding (a commodity rare).

Welcome, sweet family, our magnificent Tribe!

Let us listen and learn to what each subscribes.

May interactions be kind and accepting of each

As we build and we we learn and we teach.

Thank you, Brother Hope, for this protective, nurturing space you have worked so Hard to create for us all.

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