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This page re-lists all of the incredible benefits of this course and allows you to choose and pay for your package below.
What you get with each package - TOTAL 1 HOUR PER DAY:


  • LifeTime Membership - You Are Home

    • Once you have chosen this method, you will have access to this program for the rest of your life. 


  • Comprehensive Reading - from an experienced guide

    • You will fill out an online questionnaire and one of our guides will give you an in-depth reading of what your challenges are and where you need to focus most of your chakra work

  • Affirmations for each chakra and how to use them - Total Time - 10 min

    • Total time to complete - 10 minutes (5 in morning, 5 at night)

    • Focused on re-programming the way your mind works​


  • Lists of Recommended Items; Foods; Crystals; Oils - to use during course

    • Specifically focused on each chakra (sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch)

    • Quick search for all recommended outside resources to make it easy to find shops in your area

      • Crystal shops; Hypnotherapists; Holistic healing; Essential oils; Reiki healing


  • Daily Activities per week focused on each chakra - 56 activities - Total Time - 20 min

    • Each activity is focused ​on opening, clearing out and balancing each chakra as well as changing your life 


  • Streaming Audio Meditations - Guided mediatations - Total Time - 15 min

    • Week 1 through 8 comes with 15 min audio

    • Week 9 comes with a 35 min audio meditation for balancing

      • This will help to reinforce all of the affirmations you are working with

  • Journaling Instructions - You will be creating a written, photo and video journal of your progress to gauge and see the transformation day by day and week by week.


  • Track Progress and Share with Others - Join the Community (completely optional)

    • You will have the ability of keeping track of your progress with an online community of other travelers who are also on their path to balance.

    • You will have dedicated space where you can send your photos and videos to our guides who will upload them in the community for others to view and watch your transformation

$249 Package - You who choose this PATH have already been on your journey for some time, have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and are just looking for a tried and tested resource with materials that work and only want access to using them.
$369 Package - You who choose this PATH have been on your journey, have attained some knowledge but need just a little extra help to expand your awareness and keep you on track to maintain progress. (Will need to calendar appropriate times)
  • This package comes with limited one on one guidance from one of our Spiritual Guides
  • Up to 2 one-on-one conversations (Skype or Messaging) for upto 20 min each
$450 Package - You who choose this PATH want your guide with you from Day 1 to Completion of the Course.  This package is also for those who may have special areas where they truly need to focus on for each chakra. (Will need to calendar appropriate times)
  • This package comes with one on one guidance from one of our Spiritual Guides
  • Up to 2 one-on-one conversations (Skype) for up to 20 min each per day
  • Up to 5 one-on-one messaging sessions per day (will need to calendar appropriate times)
  • This package also comes with a FULLY CUSTOMIZED DAILY ACTIVITY SCHEDULE
    • Each Daily activity will be customized to fit your need based on your submitted Questionnaire
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