Robin Charlton-Fry
May 7


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MAYDAY!!! MAYDAY!!! This word has been used to call for help for eons!!! HOPEvolve and the notion of a world where all are honored are under attack. We need help. We, humanity, need HOPE!! We need it now. Right NOW!!! NOT TOMORROW, NEXT WEEK OR NEXT MONTH!!! People everywhere need HOPE...literally and figuratively. Help us spread the message. Help us make HOPE a reality. It's Time. Support each other. Lift each other. Stop hurting each other. Stop injuring each other. Stop sabotaging each other's efforts. Let us Work beyond the keyboard...beyond the screen...beyond our egos. Together we rise. Together we learn. Together we generate HOPE. Just as the ARC will generate energy from our own, we can generate energy together. We can generate HOPE. What can YOU do? What can EYE do? Think about it... The EARTH and the Beings on it are calling out a Mayday!!

Mary Virginia Brzeczek
Jun 2

Very true

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