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~ Intentional Collective ~

PROJECT H.O.P.E. The ultimate Mission of Project H.O.P.E. is HOPE - Being the Heroes Of Planet Earth and Helping Our Planet Evolve by Helping Other People Everywhere through Helping Our Personal Evolution. This is a project focused on purchasing multiple properties in the vicinity of Mount Shasta (to begin with) and to have multiple self-sustainable, eco-friendly, off-grid intentional collectives where people can come to heal and live with nature instead of against it.  Our focus for these properties will be to "Be The Change to Change The World". Project HOPE is there to assist others who wish to briefly experience or completely immerse themselves in self-sustainable, off-grid living, by a three-fold method interaction in HOPE seen below on this page.


  1. HOPE: Helping Our Planet Evolve

  2. HOPE: Helping Our Personal Evolution

  3. HOPE: Helping Our Planet Earth

  4. HOPE: Helping Other People Everywhere

  5. HOPE: Helping Of People Everyday

  6. HOPE: Helping Other People Excel

  7. HOPE: Help Open People's Eyes

  8. HOPE: Healing Our Presence Everywhere

  9. HOPE: Homeless Outreach Projects & Education

  10. HOPE: Holistic Outlook & Peaceful Energy

  11. HOPE: Helping Our Path Extend

  12. HOPE: Healing Off-Grid Personal Experience

  13. HOPE: Hold On... Pain Ends

  14. HOPE: Helping Other People's Expansion

  15. HOPE:  Healthy Organics & Powerful Existence

  16. HOPE: Honoring Our Planet's Environment

  17. HOPE: Hearts of People Evolving

  18. HOPE: Helping Orchestrate Peace Everywhere

This video will tell you about one of the founders of HOPEvolve, his life which led up to this, how Project H.O.P.E. came to life, the benefits of this project and what we HOPE to achieve with this.

We are very close to the realization of this dream. Currently we are looking at property and have the funding available to purchase the property. As of right now, those are the only funds we've been able to secure.

If you have the means and would like to help financially support OUR MISSION of Project HOPE please subscribe below. Once we reach a certain level of monthly commitment, we will be able to spend full time on bringing this Mission to fruition.

We truly appreciate your support and are excited to create this for the world.

Do You Wish to be a Part of Project H.O.P.E.?

Please fill out this Intent Form and you will be contacted.

Project H.O.P.E. - INTENT FORM

H.O.P.E. - Helping Our Personal Evolution:


People can invest their time or money in one of our many on-going outreach and educational programs such as seminars, workshops, retreats, festivals and special events open to the world wide public and surrounding communities. Once built and ready, we will have a full calendar of weekly, monthly and yearly events open to people from all walks of life. The purpose of this is to show our fellow brothers and sisters all over the world that there is an alternative to how they've been living until now.

H.O.P.E. - Helping Our Planet Evolve:


People can invest in their future and support of Project H.O.P.E. by either renting, owning a (Vossahedron) or through “Sweat Equity”. People can rent out a Vossahedron or pre-determined space on the property (for vacations, camping, per seminar, retreat or special event, weekly, month to month, or for their lifetime) when a proper screening and agreement process has been made depending on length of stay or ownership. People can also invest in the property through “sweat equity”. There will be structures pre-built and land set aside to “house” those with a certain level of commitment to Project H.O.P.E., its mission and the growth and maintenance of the property and “pay their way” through various means such as physical or mental work to assist the entire community.

H.O.P.E. - Helping Other People Everywhere:

  • People who are Homeless (and don't want to be)

  • People recovering from a tragic event

  • People who are lost

  • People who have served their country

  • People who have families and need HOPE

  • People who have lost HOPE

  • We will provide outreach, education and assistance to local surrounding communities through the over-abundance of organic food, education and handmade crafts that will be grown, taught and created on-site. To be able to give away to the less fortunate clothing we’ve made or useful tools to help them grow. To contact local businesses and organizations that will allow us to barter, trade, and/or sell to the surrounding communities through their businesses and organizations which will allow us to create a self-generating economical community within the HOPE project. To provide our surrounding communities with the much needed assistance in being able to provide food, healthy living and shelter to those willing to change their lives around for the better and become a productive member of the communities, while learning new trades and new lifestyle choices which will not only help them but through them and their public outreach and testimonies, will be able to help others in their community as well.

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