~ Spiritual & Intentional Communities ~

This page is dedicated to those who have created communities to assist you in your spiritual growth. Whether it be a spiritual intentional community located on a property or an online community for you to become a part of and everything in between. Please look through all of these wonderful community links and find the one that resonates with you. The links will take you to their website or public FaceBook Page where you can talk with them.

Intentional & Online Communities

  • Angel Feather Vision

    • Spiritual Intentional Community in Hawaii - donations needed to continue the property growth.

  • New Earth Nexus

    • Spiritual Community in Mount Shasta

  • Auroville

    • Spiritual Community in India

  • Passion Planet

    • Online community to allow you to express your higher self

  • EnviroProject

    • Online community leveraging alternative energy technologies and sustainable, organically grown food sources

  • Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty

    • ​Global Network of Ecovillages, Micro-Nations and Sovereign Beings choosing to unify our people

  • Underground ReLOVEution

    • Online informational community focused on spreading the Truth and to unite people through LOVE

  • Awaken Consciousness

    • Awaken Consciousness is all about the Awakening of Consciousness of humanity. The realization of our own Divinity as a species needs to be reconveyed.

  • Realm of Lucid Dreamers

    • Group dedicated to assisting those with becoming a lucid dreamer or lucid awake; living lucidly and interpretation of dreams

  • World Mind Solutions

    • Dedicated to bringing the bright minds of the world together to present, discuss, and debate potential solutions to the problems in the world today.

  • Battle Scars

    • An online resource for those who "self harm" - a very misunderstood condition. These folks are here to help

  • The Louiseville Ripple

    • A movement of movements that are created from a collection of people coming together in collaboration in order to create the initial impact that will create several chain reactions in order to create a massive EVOLUTION! 

  • The Mind Warriors

    • THE MIND WARRIORS was founded on the idea of helping those in need. Ever since our we  were established, we have endeavored to provide help where the need is greatest. The CHALLENGE - to THINK in a different way.  Honoring the Free Enterprise System by creating a PEER TO PEER ECONOMY.  Making People Strong Again by Creating Their Own Job!