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~ Additional Pathways ~

This page is dedicated to those who offer information for your spiritual growth. Anything from metaphysical to spiritual to science to "real" online news and everything in between. Please look through all of these wonderful links and find the ones that resonate with you. The links will take you to their website or public FaceBook Page where you can research what they have to offer.

    • YouTube Channel dedicated to metaphysical, spiritual, scientific knowledge and the study of the universe

  • Joe Dubbs

    • Sacred Geometry Website

  • IN5D

    • Esoteric, Metaphysical, Spiritual Database

  • The Mystery School of Life

    • YouTube Channel dedicated on ​Educating & Inspiring Change! We teach the mystery teachings of life on self transformation, success, and how to manifest happiness in your life!

  • Trevor Ilesley - B*me Beings

    • YouTube Channel dedicated to "Being" your new self

  • Crystal Empowerment

    • A crystal intuitive's guide to ascension, meditation, astrology, sacred geometry, and more!

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