I have over 20 years experience with receiving messages from Spirit through Tarot. Ever since I was a young teenager, I've been drawn to the cards as a means for accessing the knowledge of the Universal Source of Knowledge. Now that I've found the right decks to use with this gift, I am offering readings to you for a small donation.

I offer 2 kinds of Readings (click to be taken to them):


This simple Three Card Spread is for those who would like a quick message from Spirit regarding their overall atmosphere in regards to three main areas (Laid out as shown below): 

  1. Overall Health/Wellness in Mind, Body, Spirit (Left Position)

  2. Romance/Love/Relationship (Middle Position)

  3. Money/Financial Situation/Career (Right Position)

The requested donation for this reading is only $6

With your donation, you will receive a photo of the spread as drawn; a full color PDF with the cards and divinatory meanings as related to their respective position.


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Although I used to give your basic reading for many years, for the past 5 years I've been offering a different kind of Tarot Card Reading. Through meditation and Divine Inspiration, in 2012, I have been given a "new evolution" to a Tarot Card Spread. It is simply "The 12 Card Spread". I've looked through all other spreads in the world today and although there are 2 others in the same configuration (Zodiak/Astrological Spread, 12 Month Spread), none of them are laid out or read in this way. 

Everything within this spread is in the power of 3's (Holy Trinity; Mind, Body, Spirit' Past, Present and Future) and this is the way these cards are laid out. I'm sure you'll understand once you get this reading why that is so important.

  • The 3 cards to the Right have to do with the Querent's Past.

  • The 3 cards to the bottom are the Querent's Present.

  • The 3 cards to the Left are what lies in the Querent's Future.

  • The 3 cards at the top are the Heart of the Matter, Lesson of the Cards and Final Outcome.

You also have your choice of which deck you'd like me to use - seen below (links to their websites are on the previous Tarot Page - so you can make the determination of which deck suits you best


Why use me for a reading?

  1. I use the only two "recognized" Tarot decks that exist in the world with the Missing "Spirit Suit"

  2. I don't allow my intentions or assumptions "transform" the energy of the reading - what is pulled is what you get - the only thing I do is explain the cards pulled as they pertain to the position in the spread

  3. You get a Full Color PDF and picture with the entire reading laid out which includes the divinatory meanings emailed to you

  4. I use a one of a kind, divinely inspired 12 Card Tarot Spread given to me in 2012 by Source

  5. So far, my readings have been 100% accurate (based on what the folks I do the readings for tell me)

  6. If requested, I will go through this reading with you to help you understand without putting my intentions into it

  7. I only request donations of $20 for your first reading ($15 for any additional readings)

  8. With the order of your first reading, you receive this unique 12 Card Tarot Spread and instructions on exactly how to use it for yourself

  9. I LIVE FOR THE MISSION: Helping Our Planet Evolve

Steps to Order a Reading:

  • Click the link below

  • Fill out the form

  • At the next page, click donate and put in

    • $20 for first reading

    • $15 for any additional readings

  • You will receive all of the above within 24 hours


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