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Spirit called on me to write a book series, and once David and I joined lives, I had both my inspiration and heroes--us! More of a counselor than a teacher, my skill is teaching in parables, and writing these books utilize that.


Although at one time I couldn't imagine having so much to say that I needed to write it out in a series of novels, I soon found that the inspiration from David's and my life stories had given me more than enough to say when the first draft of my story reached a quarter of a million words! But with the assistance of my creative consultant and editor, Kristin Thiel, (, I was able to focus the story and rewrote it. It came out beautifully.


My first novel, PERCEPTION, The Two Yet One, Book One, was finally published in February 2017. It is available in eBook and paperback form. Book Two in the PERCEPTION series is projected to be available in 2018. 

It has become clear to me, that my book series will not only teach, but inspire others to begin walking their path to enlightenment...and that's where HOPEvolve comes in! Join us, and Come to Life. 

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...continued from OUR FAMILY

David, who had a vision of our wedding the moment he saw me walk into class, never forgot that vision and finally found me after searching for twenty-three years. We fell in love, and moved in together within a couple months. We have been on our path together ever since and with renewed vigor! Our shared mission of assisting our beloved sisters, brothers, and our beautiful Mother, planet Earth, to rise in vibration through the mighty power of unconditional love guides our lives each and every day.